This site is entirely devoted to my students and to those who are interested in the development of a European Sports Policy.

In this perspective, it contains documents and information on International Sports Associations as well as on Sports Law at European and comparative level.

Indeed, it is only through the comparison of various different legal systems and the analysis of the relevant case law of both ordinary and sports judges that one is able to understand the relationship between law and sport.

Michele Colucci

Your parents gave you a precious gift:
Wings or roots.

If they gave you roots
Put them down firmly in the place where you live
And allow the tree that is within you to grow strong.

But if they gave you wings,
Flap them hard,
And try to go as far as possible


The Erasmus Sports Programme:
A simple proposal to enhance the European dimension in Sport

Michele Colucci and his proposal for an Erasmus Sports Programme
European Parliament: hearing on sport
(To watch the video on YouTube click here)

European Parliament, Brussels, 18 November 2010

FIFA workshop on the Launch of the 2021 FIFA Commentary on the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players
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